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Taker Beatdown
Hardcore Champ!
Tazz Choke Out
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Y2J schools Maven
Hardcore again!

Title History

Hardcore: 07/02/02
Vs. Undertaker

Hardcore: 14/03/02
Vs. Al Snow

Hardcore: 17/03/02
Vs. Christian

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The Future. The Now. The New Millenium.

I used this title to describe Y2J in the original site.

But going by the undeniable charisma & fan reaction,

Maven deserves the title as well. He is the future of this business. He has a lot to learn, but a lot more to give.

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NEWS - Mar. 21, 2002

Oh my goooodness, Maven is a legit competitor? 3 time, 3 time, 3 time hardcore champion. He got a huge ovation at Fan Axxess and a good one for Mania too. (Yes I was there). Collages & Videos added. Exclusive pics coming soon.

Maven is Tough Enough

The WrestleMania Debut!!!

Teacher Vs Student 2 ... Maven vs Al Snow!!

Shattered Dreams ... Maven gets, ooooh! GoldDusted

Main Eventing Smackdown with the Big Boys

New WWF Hardcore Champion! defeating ... The UNDERTAKER?

Y2J is Tough Enough

Royal Rumble debut ... Eliminates the Undertaker!

Pro Debut ... Blue Chip Student vs Miserable Teacher

Touch Enough Champion ... The beginning

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