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Yeah, yeah he's the former owner of WCW, but thats not why I'm doing a gallery on Shane-O. It's also not because he's my favorite wrestler either. Most likely that would be appropriate since this is my personal site, but ah well. The Shane-O gallery is basically Shanes greatest, I mean, sickest bumps ever. He's a mental case and he's the reason why fans cry HOLY SHIT on a WWF PPV.

Summer Slam 2000 VS. Steve Blackman

The Hardcore Title match at SummerSlam 200 pitted champion Shane McMahon against challenger Steve Blackman. The match featured some brutal shots taken by Shane, but was highlighted by Shane's huge fall from atop the TitanTron, some 50 feet high.

Backlash 2001 VS. Big Show (II)

Shane's dad conspired with the Big Show to send a message to the WCW chairman -- and to any superstars who might be thinking about joining Shane. That message was delivered with a monstrous chokeslam which left Shane lying in the ring. During the match Shane, with help from Test, delivered an awesome scaffold elbow drop. Even sicker than the Blackman drop! "Which way did he go? Uh Huh Uh Huh."