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Active Site List

The following is a sampling of projects I have worked on. My contribution ranges from simple maintenance to full blown design and development.

This short list includes examples of Rebranding an established indentity to forging new brands from scratch.

The bulk of the projects may have been done while working with FMG and Insiteful Solutions both in the Toronto area.

Product Showcases & Corporate Brochures: Royal Pipe, Mobile Hookup, Rockwood Tel,Vocomo, Quest Chat, Nightline Mobile, Leresco Leather, ABA Resources, Alphora Research, RRands, Feed The Good Dog, Axxess Latino Chat, Telematch Francophone Chat,

Social Network & Social Communities: Datopia, Metro Vibe, Quest Personals, Canarsie Courier Personals, iJobs,

Vanity Personalized & Article Driven Blogs: Tie Domi, Love Bytes, n8itude, Avuma,

Campaign Microsites: , Ciphex Road Show 2009, Big Betty's Bingo


jQuery, jQuery Start/Stop Slider, jQuery Page Slide, Texture King.


Yes, that is actually my scanned mini note book scribblings.

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