The following is a sample showcase of custom web design, redesign and brand identity creation. Please click on a thumbnail to zoom in. More to come. Stay tuned.For details for these and many other projects please view my portfolio's @ Behance (multimedia, web design & development) and Logopond (logos).

  • Digital Branding: Web, Social Media, Print

    Who? n8 Makes Stuff is the brainchild of New Media veteran Nathan Budhu. That's me.

    What? Completely redesigned the site, Twitter and Facebook fan pages with a common theme based on the logo and business card designs I produced.

    With? Tools used include: Photoshop. Dreamweaver. CSS. Javascript. XHTML. Ajax. Jquery. Static FBML.

    Why? Please check out the project details: Logo and business card design

  • Wellness By Diet - Web Redesign & Logo Design

    Who? Wellness By Diet is founded by Linda Chang, a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

    What? Completely redesigned the site and created the logo. CSS-driven, table-less, brochure-type.

    With? Tools used: Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. CSS. Javascript. XHTML

    Where? www.wellnessbydiet.com. Working with Insiteful Solutions

  • Pro Athlete Online Redesign - Web, Microsite & Twitter

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    Who? Former NHL Player, business man & philanthropist Practitioner.

    What? Completely redesigned the site into a Wordpress CMS. Microsites & Social Media Campaigns

    With? Tools used: Photoshop and Dreamweaver. CSS. Javascript. XHTML. Ajax. JQuery.

    Working? With Insiteful Solutions

    Why? After years of maintenance I lead the transition to into web 2.0. standards.

  • Royal Pipe Systems - Web Redesign

    Who? Royal Pipe Systems is a manufacturer of plastic pipe and fittings for the construction industry.

    What? Updated and maintained the site to reflect their new promotional material and aid in the transition from static brochure-type to an eventual CMS based solution.

    With? Tools used include Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. CSS. Javascript. XHTML

    Where? www.royalpipe.com. Working with Royal Group Tech

  • Mobile Hookup - Site Redesign, Logo Enhancement

    Who? Mobile Hookup is a SMS based text chat service.

    What? Redesigned the look and updated the logo. CSS-driven, powered by PHP and SQL DB.

    With? Tools used include Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. CSS. Javascript. PHP. Flash.

    Where? www.mobilehookup.net. Working with First Media Group

    Why? Please check out the project details

  • Royal Outdoor Products - Web Redesign

    Who? Royal Outdoor Products is a manufacturer of vinyl products for the decking, railing and fencing markets.

    What? Updated and maintained the site to reflect new company directives and aid in the transition from static business card type to an eventual CMS based solution.

    With? Tools used include Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. CSS. Javascript. XHTML

    Where? www.royalcrownltd.com. Working with Royal Group Tech



n8 Makes Stuff

My Name is Nathan Budhu, my friends call me n8, and I make stuff.

From Web, Print and Multimedia solutions to maintaining a social media campaign I can make your stuff look good.

Specializing in branding and online promotion via traditional web design services such as web sites, enewsletters, social media integration to enriched multimedia for online video and audio podcasts.

In a nutshell I have been an artist since I was merrily scribbling on the walls watching Picture Pages or was it Simon? Doesn't matter, I've been creating and promoting my creations to anyone within ear, eye or fibre optic shot ever since.

With over a decade in the New Media industry, designing and producing multimedia projects as well as experience in the web and social media marketing realm are a few of the services and assets I can provide as a member of your team or for your custom web project.

Please call 416.520.4802 or email nathan@nathanbudhu.com for any questions or concerns or to request a quote.

For more information regarding my skills and experiences please visit my online portfolio's @ Behance, Logopond and Vimeo and my resume on LinkedIn.

Notable Achievements

The bulk of my experience has been harnassed as an full-time web designer/developer and consultant with First Media Group and Insiteful Solutions, respectively. Please view my profile on LinkedIn for a detailed history.

  • Lead designer and conceptualist for social community network whose membership continually grew with each project and campaign endeavor. FMG
  • Produced, designed and maintained over 100 microsites catering to SMS (mobile communication), IVR (telecommunication) and payment processing which increased customer activity, client satisfaction and product growth in each respective service. FMG
  • Raised unique visits to web projects by 500% utilizing search engine optimization techniques, digital newsletters, interactive advertising and social media campaigning. FMG
  • Modernized structure of web assets aiding in the transition of a unified web portal. RG
  • Conceptualized, built and modified 30+ web sites and micro site campaigns ranging from professional athletics and local businesses to early childhood education. Insiteful
  • Won an online version of the Reality Show "The Mole", featuring well known bloggers. It's true.
  • Is a big fan of jQuery, as if this design wasn't an indication.

“Nathan is a pleasure to work with. His projects are timely, and he always looks for better ways to do things. His creativity extends beyond the design to the process and functionality as well. Nathan is a strong asset on any team” Jess JossInsiteful Solutions

“Nathan is a very talented designer who has an uncanny flair for balancing the importance of inspired creative with accomplishing business objectives.” Carrie Hunter—CM Hunter Content Management




Designs from scratch or redesigning an existing brand with a fresh new look that easily captivates your audience and seamlessly integrates your message.

Web: Websites (dynamic or traditional), Content Management Systems, Blogs (Word Press, Blogger .etc), interactive digital advertisments, enewsletters, html mailers, enriched banners, Social Media skins (Twitter, Youtube, Myspace .etc).

Print (Digital Art): Logos, advertisements, promotional material, business cards, web banners.

Multimedia: Digital audio & video editing, capturing and producing for proprietary projects and online podcasts (Youtube, iTunes, Vimeo .etc), enriched interative web banners, Portable Document File (PDF) development.

Digital Branding

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media implementation (which sites and why it applies to your product), Blogvertorial content creation, Social News Aggregation, Social Bookmarking, Folksonomy and Social Tagging Promotion (Digg, del.icio.us, StumbleUpon .etc).

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